What to Know Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

A commercial cleaning company that specializes in office cleaning should be evaluated before hiring to ensure it can provide the required services. Although many cleaning companies offer comparable skills and guarantees, it is important to ask the right questions to determine if the company is the best fit for your office cleaning needs.

Employee skills.

Cleaning staff should be trained and experienced in the work that is expected. You don't want to hire a novice to clean important equipment or handle delicate fixtures. While you don't need to see each cleaner's resume, ask a few general questions about employee credentials for cleaning work, along with whether they are insured or bonded.

Product safety.

Professional commercial cleaning services should be thoroughly knowledgeable about the safety and toxicity of their products and equipment. They must know which substances can be mixed and how to dispose of them safely. Toxic residues and fumes should be avoided during or after the office is cleaned. Cleaning staff should know how to operate equipment properly to clean walls, rugs, and furniture without causing damage. Eco-friendly products are especially desirable, and many commercial cleaning services use them.

Fee structure.

Ask in advance about the cost of cleaning services. Some companies charge an hourly rate, with a minimum of four hours per job. Others charge for each service, depending on size and scope. You may be able to get a price break by combining several services in a bundle order, or by arranging for weekly or bi-monthly cleaning services on a regular schedule. You may want to inquire about evening or weekend rates in case of a messy office party or after-hours spill that can't wait. Get a written estimate or statement before the work is done so the price won't be changed afterward, except by mutual agreement.

Special services.

In addition to regular commercial cleaning services, you may want to request additional office cleaning assistance for draperies, picture cleaning, and related services. Some companies offer a directory of services, while others provide a verbal quote on special requests.


Professional, high quality commercial cleaners provide confidentiality as standard practice. However, make sure it is clearly explained in the contract, and ask questions if you are not sure what is covered. For example, cleaning staff may not be allowed to look in file cabinets or desk drawers, but what if personnel information is left laying on a desk? Is it protected automatically? A blanket confidentiality statement may be your best safeguard.

Office cleaning services are important to a company's operations. However, this aspect of the business should not be taken lightly. Carefully evaluate a cleaning company's potential to provide desired services before signing a contract. For additional insights, please visit Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems.