Types of Laser Printers: What to Choose for Your Business

Laser printers are known for their low cost per output, high speed, and high volume output. Modern laser printers offer more printing options such as the wireless laser printer and the colour laser printer.

With a greater potential for design and creativity, it is a fact that laser printers are a top printing solution. When it comes to buying one, it is vital for the buyer to understand the available laser printer types. The categories are determined majorly by the size and output of the printers.


Personal laser printers are quite small and are designed in a way that they can fit on a home desk alongside other computer equipment. They can only be connected to one user at one given time. However, they can also be connected to multiple computers through a multi-user terminal. Most personal printers are simplex since the duplexing mechanism would make them huge.

Personal laser printers have a small capacity, producing about 4 p.p.m. and holding around 100 sheets. Most of such printers have a Centronics parallel communications port for aiding their connection to the computer. Other models have a serial port. Some printers have a cartridge socket for inserting an optional ROM cartridge that contains additional fonts or other printing language emulation. However, this provision is getting less frequent since manufacturers are opting for cost reduction techniques.


Production laser printers are complicated to operate thus require a specialist operator. Most are large self-standing machines requiring three-phase mains electricity supply and at times need an air-conditioned room. They are designed to work efficiently around the clock. Such printers are used to produce electricity and gas bills, marketing mailshots, credit card statements and other major applications that require high-volume and high-speed printing.

The standard serial and parallel ports used in smaller computers are not ideal for production machines since they cannot match the speed of the printer. The commonly used mechanism for connection purposes is the IBM 370 channel interface. It is a high-speed bus utilized in IBM mainframe computers, usually referred to as the bus and tag connection. All production laser printers have a significant amount of disk storage for forms, fonts and a large job pool.


Color laser printers are quite a new development. Before their development, it had become hard to manage the paper accurately enough to position the four required images (black, yellow, magenta and cyan) precisely on top of each other. The color printer functions the same way as the monochrome printer, only that it prints paper four times. Most color printers offer a serial port and a Centronics port alongside other network connectivity options.

The speed of color printers is relatively small, at about 2-8 p.p.m. however, they can only be used for color printing though some models have a separate conventional monochrome printer for standard printing. If you need any more information, West X Business Solutions may be able to provide you with further insights and resources.